Unsolved Murders

Gerard Mahon

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 9 Aug 1947

Place: Strand Road, Bootle

Gerard Mahon was found unconscious in Strand Road, Bootle at about midnight on Friday 8 August 1947 and taken to Bootle Hospital with a severe wound to the back of his head and died a few hours later at 4.25am on 8 August 1947.

Gerard Mahon died from a fracture to the back of his skull.

A motor driver was tried for his manslaughter but acquitted.

Gerard Mahon was a ship's electrician and had lived in Rutledge Terrace, South Circular Road in Dublin.

It was said that at about midnight on 8 August 1947 whilst in Strand Road, Gerard Mahon had called the motor driver 'Darkie', which he had objected to. It was said that Gerard Mahon had then replied, 'OK Blackie, what are you going to do about it?'.

It was claimed that that motor driver had then told Gerard Mahon to take off his coat for a fight and that whilst he was doing so he had struck him a violent blow in the face, causing him to fall heavily and strike the back of his head on the kerbstone.

His defence at the Liverpool Assizes said that there was no evidence for the jury to consider on the manslaughter charge, but the prosecution said that there was.

However, the motor driver was acquitted.

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