Unsolved Murders

William Williamson

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 10 Feb 1947

Place: 10 Drum Road, Kelty, Fifeshire

William Williamson was found dead in a gas filled scullery at his home in Drum Road, Kelty on the night of 10 February 1947.

It was thought that he had died from coal gas poisoning.

He was due to be buried on Thursday 13 February 1947, but his funeral was stopped by the police so that they could take charge of his body, but no reason was given why.

He was an unemployed miner and was the last person to have seen 9-year-old William Robb alive before he was found dead under a sheet of corrugated iron in a Cocklaw Farm near the Oakfield Street bus station in Kelty.

William Williamson had lived opposite William Robb, who lived at 23 Drum Road, and had lent William Robb his sledge so that he could go out sledging. William Robb was last seen alive by his playmates sliding down a hill after saying that his sled had broken and that he was not going home until he had found another one.

Both William Robb and William Williamson were buried at the Kirk of Beath Cemetery.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.