Unsolved Murders

Jaw Kay

Age: 57

Sex: male

Date: 2 Feb 1946

Place: 44 Scotland Road, Liverpool

Jaw Kay was stabbed to death in his bed at his laundry at 44 Scotland Road in Liverpool.

His laundry and rooms had been ransacked.

The doctor that examined his body on 3 February 1946 said that he thought that his death had occurred about 60 hours earlier.

He had two groups of injuries, the first a group of about 19 stab wounds on the left side of his body that varied in length from half an inch to two and a half inches, the other group were made up of a number of none-lethal stab injuries to the left side of his chest, left arm, shoulder and the left side of his face.

Amongst the first group were several wounds that could have caused death including one through his throat and four others that pierced his chest cavity, one of which had penetrated his left lung.

It was thought that the murder weapon wold have been both sharp and strong because one of the wounds had cut right through a rib whilst another wound had injured another bone.

Of the other wounds on his left side, four were contused wounds to the top of his scalp and there were ten small abrasions to the back of his left hand and a small cut on his left finger.

The doctor said that there was no disease sufficient to have caused his death by natural causes and stated that his cause of death was due to shock and haemorrhage following injuries caused by a sharp instrument.

A woman said that had gone to his laundry at about 3.30pm on 2 February 1946 to collect her washing and shut it shut. Another woman said that she had been three times to collect her laundry on 1 February 1946 and had found it shit on each occasion and an elderly man said that he had been to the laundry on the previous two days and on each day had failed to get a response. He later went round to the back and found the door open and went in and found some of his laundry and when a policeman arrived he reported the matter to him.

The police said that they were trying to trace a middle aged man who was seen to leave the laundry via the yard door, closing it after him, saying that they thought that he might be able to shed some light on the mystery.

His inquest, which concluded on 20 February 1946 returned a verdict of murder by some person or persons unknown.

Jaw Kay was Chinese and was born on 30 August 1889 and had arrived in the United Kingdom in August 1913.

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