Unsolved Murders

Maureen Pamela Moseley

Age: 34

Sex: female

Date: 21 Jul 1948

Place: Cromwell Hotel, Kensington, London

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Maureen Pamela Moseley was found dead on her bed on 7 July 1948.

She had been living with an actor since November 1947 who she had known for about two years. The actor said that they had returned to the hotel on 6 July 1948 and had what he said could not be described as a quarrel, describing it as 'a very slight argument'. He said that he then left the room for a few minutes and that when he came back, she said, 'I have taken the sleeping tablets, the whole lot'.

The actor said, 'I tried to make her sick by inserting my fingers in her throat'. He said that he forced her on the bed but was not conscious of giving her any blow.

A detective inspector said that the story the actor told was quite consistent with what he found in the room.

Maureen Moseley had several bruise marks on her face.

A doctor that had attended Maureen Moseley said that he had prescribed ointments and sleeping tablets and had advised an operation and had booked her into a nursing home for 23 July 1948. He described her as being extremely nervous and had admitted to him that she suspected tuberculosis.

The doctor said, 'On July 7, when I was called, she was dead. She was rather blue, and I thought it might have been a barbitone poisoning. I was deceived. There were several bruise marks on her face'.

When the coroner asked the actor, 'You have heard about the bruising. Were your efforts purely confined to attempting to make her sick?' the actor replied, 'Purely'.

The jury returned an open verdict stating that Maureen Moseley died from asphyxia following a blow on the nose, but that how the blow was received was not sufficiently disclosed by the evidence.

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