Unsolved Murders

Kathleen Mary Wright

Age: 2

Sex: female

Date: 19 Sep 1946

Place: Barnsley Beckett Hospital

John Edward Francis Wright 5, Jean Alice Wright 4 and Kathleen Mary Wright 2 all died in Barnsley Beckett Hospital at various times between 2 September 1944 and 19 September 1946.

Their bodies were later exhumed after their mother was convicted of the attempted murder of another child in July 1948 and open verdicts were returned.

Their mother was convicted of the attempted murder of her eldest 12-year-old son who she poisoned with pheno-barbitone.

The pathologist said that the body of Jean Wright tested positive for barbiturate, but could find no trace in John Wright or Kathleen Wright. however, it was noted that their cause of deaths were otherwise not shown by evidence.

John Wright, Jean Wright and Kathleen Wright had all been buried at Silkstone Churchyard and were exhumed on 16 March 1948.

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