Unsolved Murders

Gary Roscoe

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 30 Jan 2018

Place: Deansgreave Road, Bacup

Gary Roscoe was found dead in a stream.

He died from a head injury.

It was heard that there had been three incidents that had occurred before he was found and it could not be pin-pointed which one had resulted in his death.

He had had a fight with his brother, jumped out of a window to avoid the police and jumped from a bridge. His brother said that he had acted in self-defence.

Gary Roscoe had been drinking earlier in the day at the Cobblers and Riverside pubs and was asked to leave the Riverside pub after a glass was smashed.

After he got home he had a fight with his brother after which his brother threw a brick through Gary Roscoe's window. Later on, Gary Roscoe's family became concerned for him and called the police who went to his house to see if he was all right. After the police arrived Gary Roscoe went upstairs to put on some shoes, but he climbed out of a skylight window and ran off. Later on, Gary Roscoe went to the house of his partner's family, but whilst there saw a man with a torch and thought that it was the police and ran off and jumped off a bridge, 15 feet onto the frozen ground.

Murder charges against his brother were later dropped.

The inquest recorded a narrative verdict, 'We have no idea where the head injury originated. “Three incidents have been identified and are distinct. It does appear the fall from the roof could be significant but it is not possible to prove which one caused the head injury'.

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