Unsolved Murders

Julie Perigo

Age: 51

Sex: female

Date: 23 May 1986

Place: Kidderminster Road, Downhill, Sunderland

Source: www.journallive.co.uk

Julie Perigo was stabbed to death at her flat on Kidderminster Road in Sunderland.

She was last seen alive on 16 May 1986.

Her body was found a week later on 23 May 1986 after her sister became concerned and went to the police. she died from shock after being stabbed multiple times.

She was an ex-stripper and a prostitute and had told a friend on the day that she was murdered that she was going to meet a client at lunchtime that day.

Police later found her diaries with the names of her customers from around the country and they interviewed over 6000 people.

She used to advertise for customers in sex contact magazines.

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