Unsolved Murders

James Mclvor

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 4 May 1950

Place: Wellgate, Dundee

James Mclvor died in a brawl in Wellgate, Dundee on the night of Saturday 15 July 1950.

He was a bus driver and a territorial member of the 15th Scottish Parachute Regiment. His unit had just moved into camp at Buddon near Carnoustie, on the Saturday morning.

He was found unconscious in the carriageway and taken to the Dundee Royal Infirmary but was pronounced dead on arrival. He died from head injuries.

His companion, another territorial member of the 15th Scottish Parachute Battalion at Buddon Camp appeared at Dundee Police Court on the following Tuesday 18 July 1950 where he admitted a breach of the peace.

A police constable said that he had been on duty in Wellgate when he was told that there was a fight in progress farther down the street and that when he went there that he saw several soldiers engaged in an argument but that when he had reached the scene that the argument had stopped. However, he saw James Mclvor's companion and James Mclvor shouting and alleging that they had been stopped from entering a nearby public house. He said that he warned them to leave the locality but James Mclvor's companion refused to do so and so he seized hold of him. However, he said that when he looked round that he then saw James Mclvor engaged in a fight with someone else and then saw James Mclvor receive a blow about the face that knocked him to the ground. He said that James Mclvor then appeared to lie in an unconscious condition.

Other police soon arrived and James Mclvor was then taken to the hospital.

James Mclvor had lived in 1 Sharp Street in Govan.

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