Unsolved Murders

Thomas Goulding

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 24 Sep 1928

Place: Brick Lane Farm, Knightwick, Worcestershire

Thomas Goulding was shot in an orchard.

A farmer was tried for his manslaughter but acquitted.

He said that he had been told that there were people in his orchard stealing applaes and that he went out to see.

He said that there were two people and that he fired to warn them off but that they threw sticks and applaes at him and that he becamse frightened as they approached him and so he shot them, killing Thomas Goulding and wounding the other man.

It was claimed that he had shot Thomas Goulding at such a range that he could not have been a threat to him armed with sticks or apples when he had a shotgun.

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