Unsolved Murders

Brian McGowan

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 21 Sep 2017

Place: Carey Court, Plean, Stirlingshire

Source: www.bordertelegraph.com

Brian McGowan was last seen in Plean on Friday 21 September 2017.

He was last seen in CCTV footage outside the Euro Spices takeaway restaurant in Carey Court, Plean at around 11pm.

He was a convicted murderer.

He was noted as having needed medication every day at the time he vanished and the police described him as high risk but said that he was not believed to pose a danger to the public. The police said, 'He’s not a wanted person or an absconder. We’re genuinely concerned for his welfare'.

After he disapeared the police asked local people to check outhouses and gardens, but were later citisised for not mentioning that he was a convicted murderer. The police also said, 'I would ask residents and visitors to Plean, as well as visitors to Plean Country Park, to be vigilant and report any sighting of anyone seen matching Brian’s description'.

He was described as:

  • 5ft 10in.
  • Slim.
  • Short, dark hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Tattoos on his fingers.
  • Wearing a black Nike baseball cap, black G-Star jacket, grey jumper, grey tracksuit bottoms with black stripes and black and grey trainers.

He was a convicted murderer, having served 22 years for the murder of Andrew Robertson 56 in 1994. He was released on licence in January 2017 but vanished follwing an argument with his fiance.

He had met his fiance whilst in Saughton prison in 2010 whilst she was visiting another prisoner there. After his release from prison he went to live with her.

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