Unsolved Murders

David Askew

Age: 64

Sex: male

Date: 1 Mar 2010

Place: Hattersley, Greater Manchester

Source: www.bbc.com

David Askew was found dead outside his house in March 2010.

It was determined that he had been unlawfully killed following as a result of an altercation with youths 10 minutes earlier.

His inquest heard that he had suffered 30 years of torment from local youths who had bullied and tormented him.

The Coroner said that there had been a staggering degree of inertia and complacency shown by police, the council and housing associations in dealing with the anti-social behaviour towards David Askew. The Coroner said, 'The fact that there is 38 separate offences reported against this family within a three-year period shows the appalling way in which this element of feral youths can bring misery to a decent, vulnerable family'.

The pathologist said that David Askew had been suffering from ischemic heart disease which meant not enough blood got to his heart and that adrenalin released by the altercation with the youths would have made his heart beat faster which could have caused heart failure.