Unsolved Murders

Margaret Kirkland

Age: 40

Sex: female

Date: 30 Jun 1954

Place: Blackrigg Quarry, Salsburgh, Airdrie, Lanarkshire

Margaret Kirkland fell 60 feet off a cliff into Blackrigg Quarry near Salsburgh and it is thought that she might have been pushed.

Her body was found by a 26-year-old miner who had lived in Main Street, Salsburgh whilst he was walking his dog along the road. He had looked over a broken fence by the road that separated the road from the quarry and seen her body. He then went off to Longacre Farm and informed the farmer there who then informed the police.

It was said that her injuries suggested that she had fallen into the dis-used quarry from a narrow road, but it was said that the possibility that she had been pushed off the road down the 60 foot sheer rock-face was not ruled out.

Her body was found on a ledge close to the water.

A squad of detectives combed the approaches to the quarry but didn't find any sign of a struggle. The police later said that there was no question of foul play.

She had lived in Faskin Crescent, Airdrie and was the wife of a schoolteacher. Her husband said that Margaret Kirkland had been suffering from a nervous illness for some time and had been away from home for a few days but said that he thought that she had been away visiting friends in Ayrshire.

Margaret Kirkland was also known as Margaret Fermie.

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