Unsolved Murders

Luke Jobson

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 26 Jan 2019

Place: River Tees, Yarm

Luke Jobson went missing after being chased by five men. He was later found dead in the River Tees.

Two people were convicted of affray in connection with his death but no one was convicted for killing him.

When the judge summed up during the sentencing of the two men for affray he said, 'Neither of you is legally responsible for his death but if he had not been chased he would not have entered the school grounds and drowned in the Tees'.

The police later said, 'This case highlights that all actions have consequences. Whatever the intentions were of the males who chased Luke that evening, his family have been left without their beloved son and brother, and the impact that this has had on his entire family has been immeasurable'.

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