Unsolved Murders

Beatrice May Storr

Age: 75

Sex: female

Date: 25 Sep 1955

Place: Roughton Moor, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire

Beatrice May Storr was found dead on Roughton Moor.

She had gone missing from the Old People's Hostel at Eagle Lodge in Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire on 20 August 1955. She was later found dead about three miles away on Roughton Moor on Sunday 25 September 1955.

Her body was found by a search party of special constables and civilians.

A policeman that had been part of the search party that found Beatrice Storr 's body on 23 September 1955 said that he came across her body lying in the wood just off Kirkby Lane about half a mile past the cemetery. He said that her body was fully clothed and that the grass around her was fully flattened as though she had walked or crawled around in a circle. He noted that on branches of a small tree near by there were twined tufts of reeds or grass and said that it seemed probable that she had made them to spend the time.

He noted that between her dress and petticoat that he found a layer of dried grass which he said seemed to have been put there for warmth.

Beatrice Storr had been a voluntary resident at the hostel since September 1952. She had been unable to look after herself and had previously lived in Wainfleet.

It was noted that she had been fond of wandering off on her own and that her eyesight was not good and that she was forgetful. However, she was noted as having had good health, having been in good spirits and having always seemed happy with other people.

A warden at the hostel where she lived said, 'She has frequently wandered off and on many occasions has been brought back by motorists. On earlier occasions I have had to report her absence to the police'.

Beatrice Storr was seen to leave the hostel on Saturday 30 August 1955 at about 1.30pm to go across to the cafe for a cup of tea. It was later determined that Beatrice Storr was last seen by a person that lived in Witham Road in Woodhall Spa who said that they had seen Beatrice Storr at about 1.55pm on 20 August 1955 walking along the road near a bungalow, noting that she appeared quite normal.

The police were called after she failed to return later that evening.

A search was made for her the following day but no one had any idea of where she had gone and it was not until 24 September 1955 that a lady's hat was found hanging on a bramble bush on Roughton Moor that the search for her in that area was made. The hat was soon identified as having belonged to Beatrice Storr and the following day a search of the moor was made and her body was found about 100 yards from where her hat was found lying in the undergrowth. The undergrowth was described as having been so thick that anyone could have walked over her without having seen her.

Due to the advanced state of decomposition it was not possible to identify her, but she was later identified by her clothes.

An open verdict was returned at her inquest after it was heard that it was impossible to determine her cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition.

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