Unsolved Murders

Barry Solomon

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 22 Apr 2017

Place: Kemble Street, Downhill, Sunderland

Barry Solomon was found dead in his house in Kemble Street, Sunderland on Saturday 22 April 2017.

He died from a stab wound to his leg that had 'just nicked the side of an artery'.

The police were called out at 10.50pm and Barry Solomon's body was found at about 11pm on 22 April 2017 with what were described as significant injuries and the police said that they were treating his death as murder.

Paramedics were called out but Barry Solomon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Barry Solomon's partner and three male youths were arrested by the police following his death in connection with their murder inquiry, but no charges were made. The police later said that they had wanted to charge his 39-year-old partner with either murder or manslaughter but that the Crown Prosecution Service would not take the case further.

Barry Solomon's inquest heard that he might have been subjected to physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his partner and the police said that Barry Solomon's partner had lied about being present at the time Barry Solomon died.

The police said that when they questioned Barry Solomon's partner that she denied causing his injuries and had told them that she had come home to find him dead. However, the police said that CCTV evidence later found that she had been at the property for the whole time around which Barry Solomon would have died.

Barry Solomon had been out drinking at a bar called Hogan's in the Southwick area earlier on in the Saturday afternoon on the day he died.

The police appealed for anyone that might have heard a disturbance in the Kemble Square area in the late afternoon or evening on 22 April 2017 to come forward.

When the pathologist gave evidence at Barry Solomon's inquest he said that in the 'large majority' of cases, the stab wound that he found would have been caused by someone else. The pathologist also noted that although Barry Solomon had injuries to his hands and forearms, they 'were not distinctive of defence injuries'.

At the inquest it was heard that the police had said that they felt that they had enough evidence to charge Barry Solomon's partner with murder or manslaughter but that the Crown Prosecution Service had declined taking the prosecution forward because there was 'insufficient evidence to confidently demonstrate that Mr Solomon had not injured himself'. It was further heard that the police had unsuccessfully appealed the Crown Prosecution Service's decision.

An open verdict was returned at his inquest after the Coroner said that they could not conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Barry Solomon had been either unlawfully killed or had died due to the result of an accident.

Barry Solomon had lived in a rented house in Kemble Street with his family.

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