Unsolved Murders

Stan Gordon Nicholls

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 26 Sep 1994

Place: Anchor Inn Pub, Hampstead Lane, Yalding, Kent

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Stan Gordon Nicholls was shot in the head at a pub.

He had been drinking at the Anchor Inn pub in Hampstead Lane, about half a mile away from his house, on 26 September 1994 and as he left at about 11.40pm two men burst in wearing masks with a sawn-off shotgun. There were still about a dozen people in the pub at the time and Stan Nicholls was shot in the temple.

It was thought that he might have been targetted although it was also considered that it had been a robbery.

He had previously worked at the Syngenta plant in Yalding before it closed.

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