Unsolved Murders

Human Bones

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 20 Nov 2017

Place: Aldi Supermarket Car Park, Leech Street, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

Human bones were found by workmen in a supermarket car park off Leech Street and behind Melbourne Street in Stalybridge.

They were dug up during building work in the car park on the afternoon of Tuesday 20 November 2017 at about 2.10pm.

The police said that they thought that the remains might have been connected with a burial ground connected to a former chapel and it was said that there had been a Methodist church in the area before the supermarket was constructed.

The police said that tests were being carried out to determine whether the remains were human. The remains were said to have consisted of a skull and shoulder blade.

The car park on the site had previously belonged to Tameside Council until they sold it to the supermarket.

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