Unsolved Murders

George Andrew Larmour

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 13 Aug 1955

Place: Corporation Street, Birmingham

George Andrew Larmour died after being shot in the chest at a shooting gallery in an amusement arcade.

He was taken to hospital but died on the way.

He had been shot with a rifle. There was only one witness.

The police said that they didn't think that there were any suspicious circumstances.

The concessionaire at the shooting range said that he thought that George Larmour had committed suicide and gave a demonstration at the inquest of how he thought it would have been possible to do with a rifle.

However, after watching the commissionaire demonstrate how he thought George Larmour might have shot himself, the Coroner said that he thought that the jury would agree that to have committed suicide with the gun in such a manner would have been 'a clumsy manoeuvre'.

The pathologist said that analysis showed George Larmour had drunk nearly seven pints of beer or eleven ounces of whisky, saying that it was enough alcohol to have rendered him careless or irritable under which circumstances he might have thrown the gun down in impatience.

His inquest returned a verdict of accidental death. the jury added that they thought 'that further attention should be given to safety precautions at the range'. However, a detective chief inspector said that as far as the law was concerned that all the required safety precautions had been compiled with at the range.

The shooting gallery had been in an amusement arcade at the junction of Corporation Street and Lower Priory in Birmingham city centre.

George Larmour had lived in Clement Street, Hockley in Birmingham but was from Northern Ireland.

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