Unsolved Murders

Adam Forrester

Age: 30

Sex: male

Date: 12 Sep 2017

Place: Stoke-on-Trent

Adam Forrester was found dead in an outbuilding at a recycling depot in Burslem on 12 September 2017.

He was found wrapped up in a carpet at the H Brown & Son Recycling depot, on Nevada Lane, having suffered from chest and head injuries which were thought to be consistent with the mechanism found in the refuge trucks.

However, H Brown & Son Recycling called for further investigation after they claimed that their compactor lorry could not have caused his fatal injuries.

Adam Forrester had previously worked at Hanley Market and was of no fixed address.

It was thought that he had been living in the Stoke and Blurton areas and that he had decided to sleep in a recycling bin to escape the rain before it was collected and taken to the recycling plant. However, no one had been able to determine which recycling vehicle had collected the recycling bin and as such which driver.

It was thought that he was still alive when he was found but he was soon after declare dead at the scene when doctors attended.

Adam Forrester was described as a city centre reveller and it was thought that he had been out drinking on the night he ended up in the skip and the police said that they had analysed CCTV footage to trace his movements and determined that he had been seen in various places during the evening:

  • At a McColls store, in Newcastle Street, Middleport.
  • At a Boston Brothers bar, in Trinity Street, Hanley.

It was noted that the results of his pathology report were not publicly released.

A lawyer for H Brown & Son Recycling said, 'The independent investigation found that the mechanism found in the lorry contained a blade and Mr Forrester's injuries did not match the mechanism. The injuries to the back, neck or other limbs were not found to be compatible with the crushing pressure used in the truck. Also Adam's body was found dry despite heavy rainfall on the night of his death'.

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