Unsolved Murders

Anna Jura

Age: 43

Sex: female

Date: 22 Jun 2017

Place: 16 Rheola Street, Penrhiwceiber, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Anna Jura was found dead at 16 Rheola Street in Penrhiwceiber after having suffered an overdose of prescription drugs.

A narrative conclusion was returned at her inquest, it being heard that the circumstances of her death were unclear.

Her inquest showed that Anna Jura died from the effects of prescription drugs and alcohol toxicity and it was suggested that she might also have been groomed for prostitution by her partner.

The post mortem and toxicology examinations found that Anna Jura had taken a cocktail of prescription drugs prior to her death and that she had had alcohol in her system and the pathologist said that the combination of drugs and alcohol could have resulted in cardio-respiratory failure. Her official cause of death was given as toxicity combined with the affects of prescription drugs taken with alcohol.

Her partner, a 74-year-old man that she was living with at the time, was arrested shortly after her death on suspicion of murder or manslaughter after the police found certain injuries, a number of grazes and bruises, on Anna Jura's body but the Crown Prosecution Service said that there was insufficient evidence to charge him as the injuries found on Anna Jura could have been caused during attempts to revive her.

It was heard that Anna Jura's partner had said that Anna Jura had locked herself in the kitchen and told him that she had been drinking and had taken an overdose, but he said that he had not believed her and had thought she was joking.

He said that they had had an argument earlier in the evening over a curtain rail and described her as having been homesick. He said that when he later went up to their bedroom that he found her semi-conscious and kneeling by the bed in a distressed state and that soon after she became fully unconscious.

However, the inquest heard that Anna Jura's partner's account of events could not be relied upon because of his history of lying and his previous conviction for forcing a woman into prostitution.

It was noted that he had been convicted in September 2018 at Southwark Crown Court of assisting unlawful immigration, intentionally causing a person to become a prostitute, and trafficking for sexual exploitation in relation to the other woman and sentenced to nine years three months imprisonment and it was later heard that the similarities between his relationship with the woman and that of Anna Jura were significant. He was also described as having been manipulative and controlling.

It was said that the similarities between Anna Jura's partner's behaviour with Anna Jura and the other woman who his conviction related suggested that he had been grooming Anna Jura for prostitution.

It was additionally heard that Anna Jura's partner was a fantasist and had told Anna Jura that he had worked for the Foreign Office as a spy and had been sought by Russians, which it was heard Anna Jura believed. He was also described as a 'Walter Mitty' character and to have told Anna Jura that he was an MI5 agent who went on missions abroad.

The police said, 'He is an extremely odd individual and has been described as a Walter Mitty character living in a fantasy world of his own making. He has a history of pretending to be from MI5 or a spy. He suggested he was a field officer and was engaged in missions abroad and had houses in various European countries but none of this was true'. The police noted that when they asked Anna Jura's partner about the claims he was said to have made that he denied having made them. The police added, 'It’s clear from Anna’s family she was taken in by him and he may have used this persona to control her. The relationship was a strange one and his behaviour following Anna’s death is unusual'.

At the inquest a neighbour said that on the night before Anna Jura's death that they had heard a female voice shouting and crying as well as doors slamming and banging.

Another Polish man gave evidence to say that he had gone to their house where he had had sex with Anna Jura in front of Anna Jura's partner. He said, 'She said she had sex with people because it was her mission and if she didn’t have sex with people Russians would die'.

Anna Jura and the 74-year-old man had met after the 74-year-old man responded to an advert that Anna Jura had made offering Polish lessons in 2015 and she had soon after moved in with him in August 2015. However, Anna Jura's family said that Anna Jura's relationship with the 74-year-old man was strange. Her sisters said that when they were together that the 74-year-old man would take control of the conversation and often slap Anna Jura on the back, which they noted Anna Jura appeared to accept as normal behaviour.

Anna Jura's sisters noted that on one occasion that the 74-year-old man turned up at their house in Poland so that he could propose to Anna Jura.

A sister also noted that the 74-year-old man had once told them that he was in danger with Russian spies and had been in hospital which they said Anna Jura believed but that they didn't, saying that they thought that he was lying to her.

She said that as Anna Jura's relationship with the 74-year-old man went on that they saw a drastic change in her, saying, 'My sister was no longer a happy person. She was tired and stressed'.

The sister said that in May 2017 that Anna Jura came to her home in Bromley looking upset and crying and told her that the 74-year-old man had thrown her out after having pushed her down the stairs and having thrown a bucket of water over her.

The sisters noted that on another occasion that they had recieved a text message saying that the 74-year-old man had lost an arm and a leg and another saying that he was dead. They said that shortly after Anna Jura was told to go to Cardiff to where his body was to be returned and but that shortly after Anna Jura called her and screamed down the phone, '‘He’s alive, he’s alive'.

A sister said that she asked Anna Jura why she believed the 74-year-old man, saying 'He’s not a superhero', but said that Anna Jura was brainwashed and believed everything he told her.

The sister said, 'Anna would say so many things about him and I would just say ‘yes’ and not take in what she said. It was as if she was in a film and wouldn’t listen'.

A sister said that the 74-year-old man called her on 22 June 2017 to say that Anna Jura was dead. She said that the 74-year-old man called her and told her that something had happened. She said, 'He said it had been a hot day and he had gone out but when he got back they had an argument and he had slapped her. She went upstairs, had taken pills and drunk bourbon'. She said that she then asked him, 'What are you telling me? Is she dead?' and that the 74-year-old man replied, 'Yes she’s dead'.

She said that when the 74-year-old man told her that Anna Jura was dead that she said to him, 'You have killed her, killed her you stupid man', but that the man just replied, 'No, I love her'.

The police said that Anna Jura's partner had told both women 'barefaced lies' and had been controlling both women.

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