Unsolved Murders

Alan P Decabral

Age: 40

Sex: male

Date: 15 Oct 2000

Place: Warren Retail Park, Ashford, Kent

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Alan Decabral was shot while sat in his son’s car in the car park of Halfords in Ashford, Kent.

He was an antiques dealer and was involved in the court case against Kenneth Noye who was convicted of murder.

The police said that his murder could have been associated with the court case he had been involved with, but that it could also have been linked to a war between bike gangs for drugs, or a number of other things stemming from his personal life.

Alan Decabral had given evidence in the murder trial of Kenneth Noye who was charged with the murder of Stephen Cameron on the M25 motorway and convicted. He had seen Kenneth Noye stab Stephen Cameron on a slip road on the M25 motorway in May 1996.

Alan Decabral had been driving a Rolls-Royce at the time and said that he saw Kenneth Noye hide a knife behind his back before stabbing Stephen Cameron in the chest. Alan Decabral had said 'I saw a bright flash and I realised it was a knife because I could see the sun glinting off the blade.'. He also said, 'I saw the knife go into his chest, I saw the blood, I'll never forget his face.'.

It was heard that he had death threats in relation to the case, but he had ignored them. He said that he had been ordered by gangsters to 'shut up or we will shut you up', and said that he later had three bullets pushed through his letterbox with another warning. It was noted that he had been offered police protection but had rejected it, which was thought to have been because of his own shady business dealings which would have meant that police protection would have been bad for business.

At the time of the trial he had been running a vintage motorbike shop in Acton, west London but shut it down because of the stress associated with the trial. A little later he also separated from his wife.

He was shot at 1.37pm in the passenger seat of a black Peugeot 206 car which was parked between two other vehicles at the Warren Retail Park in Ashford, Kent. The car had been parked outside a Halfords store. A witness said that they heard Alan Decabral cry out 'Please don't kill me, please don't shoot'. However, the police said that it was unlikely that Alan Decabral saw the person who shot him before he was shot.

It was said that a man had walked up to the black Peugeot 206 car and pulled out a handgun and shot him in the head and then run off. The man was described as being in his early twenties and wearing a light green jacket.

After the trial that he had been a juror on was over Alan Decabral had said, 'I look over my shoulder every time I go into Sainsbury's'.

After his death, Alan Decabral's wife said that Alan Decabral had lied in court at the trial and had embellished his story in an attempt to get police to stop a drugs and firearms investigation that he was involved in.

Alan Decabral had three children.

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