Unsolved Murders

Antoine Neville Dennis

Age: 67

Sex: male

Date: 9 Jan 2010

Place: Copperfield House, New Road, Chatham

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Antoine Neville Dennis was stabbed at his flat where he died.

When he was found by the police after being missing for twelve days they did not find a knife that was in his back. It was not until his body was examined by an undertaker that the knife was found. The knife was 12cm long and was buried to the hilt.

A woman was initially charged with his murder but the charge was later dropped following a joint decision made by Kent Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

He was found in the bedroom of his flat.

He was discovered dead in the flat on 9 January 2010 after his neighbour became concerned about not having seen him since 23 December 2009. He found the front door to Antoine Dennis's flat ajar and went in but didn't see anything and called the police who then found Antoine Dennis dead in the bedroom.

The police said that it was dark and so they didn't see the blood or the knife which was not discovered until the undertaker arrived to collect his body. They found it when they rolled him over to take him away.

He was a retired painter and decorator and had lived alone for the last twelve years.

It was thought that he had been stabbed around 27 December 2009. He had been seen at a local shop in Church Street, Chatham at about 8:50am on Sunday 27 December 2009.

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