Unsolved Murders

Alexandra MMaster

Age: 18

Sex: female

Date: 9 Jan 1956

Place: Glasgow

Alexandra M'Master died from an illegal operation.

A woman was tried for her culpable homicide but the trial result is not known.

Alexandra M'Master's mother said that as far as she knew that her daughter had never been in the woman's house before and added that there had been no mention to her of her being pregnant.

She said that on Monday 9 January 1956 that the woman came to her house. She said, 'She was in a distressed state. She told me straight out my daughter was dead'. She went on to say, 'She did not tell me what had happened. She just said my daughter came to her house about 3.45 and became ill'.

The woman denied having carried out an illegal operation on Alexandra M'Master.

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