Unsolved Murders

Mabel Mary Dorothy Donovan

Age: 42

Sex: female

Date: 5 Nov 1957

Place: 42 Hutchinson Street, Leicester

Mabel Mary Dorothy Donovan died from an abortion.

An open verdict was returned at her inquest.

She was found dead at her home at 42 Hutchinson Street, in Leicester about 12 hours after her 14-month-old child was found abandoned in an entry in Taylor Street, Leicester.

After the evidence was heard and her cause of death was given as being due to an abortion, the Coroner summed up and said, 'The doctor tells us it is extremely unlikely hat she could have done it herself. Someone else must have been in the room or been present because the position of the body was such that it was obvious that it had been re-arranged after the woman was dead'.

The pathologist said that Mabel Donovan's death took place during the production of an abortion.

The Coroner then pointed out that the man she had been living with Mabel Donovan had not been heard of since her death and said, 'It is a question of whether there's any evidence to implicate anyone else. While it is certain someone else was in the room when it was done, or afterwards, I don't think you would be justified in law in drawing any conclusion that the man that she had been living with can be associated with the abortion. There might be an innocent explanation of his behaviour'.

A police detective inspector said that when they went to Mabel Donovan's home they found the bedroom doors tied from the outside with a dog lead and a white belt. He said that when he went in he found Mabel Donovan lying on a single bed and a bowl and a syringe close by. he said that there was no indication that there had been a struggle, suggesting rather, the reverse.

Her body was identified by her father who said that he had not seen her since 27 February 1957.

Mabel Donovan had married in 1941 and was from London.

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