Unsolved Murders

William Howe

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 8 Jan 1990

Place: Victoria Road, Worthing

William Howe was murdered in his first-floor flat in Victoria Road, Worthing.

He was found on 9 January 1990, but it was thought that he had been murdered the day before.

He had been tortured. He was found lying face down in his flat with his legs and arms tied up with electrical cable. He had died from asphyxia.

The police said that they thought that he had been beaten with a hammer, and possibly punched as well as having been stamped or kneeled on in the small of his back, fracturing his ribs.

They said that they thought that his killer or killers would have been heavily bloodstained when they left his flat.

The police said that they thought that robbery was the motive. They said that William Howe had had a safe hidden in his flat that had contained tens of thousands of pounds in cash and jewellery, and that they thought that his murderer or murderers had looked for it, but had failed to find it. His flat was described as ransacked.

The police found a small number of fingerprints but had been unable to identify them.

The police said that their investigation took them as far as Australia, France and Africa.

In 2002 it was reported that someone called a newspaper with specific information and the police appealed for that person to call again.

William Howe was a retired vet.

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