Unsolved Murders

Margaret Frame

Age: 36

Sex: female

Date: 12 Oct 1978

Place: Stanmer Park, Saunders Hill, Coldean, Brighton

Margaret Frame was raped and murdered in Stanmer Park.

After she was killed her body was dragged 500 yards and then buried in a shallow grave. She was discovered 10 days later.

She had taken a short cut home on Thursday 12 October 1978 through Stanmer Woods from Falmer High School to her home at Saunders Hill in Coldean.

Police were looking to hear from anyone that had been in the area between 6pm and 8pm.

She had been attacked from behind, hit on the head, stabbed in the back and then raped.

Her rings had been removed and an attempt had been made to decapitate her. Her throat was slit from ear to ear. The murder weapon was not found.

Her killer became known as the 'beast of Stanmer Park'.

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