Unsolved Murders

Elizabeth Higgins

Age: 78

Sex: female

Date: 25 Nov 2004

Place: Martland Road, Belle Vale, Merseyside

Elizabeth Higgins and Hugh Higgins died after a their wheelie bin was set on fire in the early hours of 18 November 2004 which then spread to their home.

Hugh Higgins died in hospital on 21 November 2004 and Elizabeth Higgins died sometime after.

Someone had set fire to a newspaper recycling box on top of their wheelie bin.

It was first thought that the fire had been due to an electrical fault.

They had been in the back bedroom at the time. Their two sons had been in the house at the time but they managed to escape.

It was heard that there had been a series of arson attacks in the area with another house being burnt down 18 months earlier and a number of other bins set on fire.

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