Unsolved Murders

Lorna St Theresa Hayles

Age: 28

Sex: female

Date: 1 Aug 1986

Place: Tasman Road, Clapham

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Found dead in her Clapham flat on 29 August 1986 after flies were seen at the window of the flat at Tasman Road where she lived alone.

She had been lying there for nearly a month before being discovered by which time she had badly decomposed and infested with insects. She had died from stab wounds to the neck having been stabbed to death with a carving fork. The fork had been forcefully driven down into her neck and it was thought that there had been a sexual motive behind her murder.

She had last been seen a month before she was found. It was thought that she died on 1 August 1987.

The police broke her door in on 29 August 1987 after neighbours became worried after not seeing her for some time and noticing a swarm of blow flys at her window.

She was found dead in her bedroom dressed only in her underclothes.

She had two puncture wounds to the front of her neck 0.5 inches wide and 1 inch apart. She also had 2 long cuts in her right palm that were probably caused whilst she tried to defend herself.

A mans was charged with her murder after his fingerprints were found in her flat but he was released when the case against him was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Lorna Hayles, from Jamaica had been a print worker and a bar main but was unemployed. She also had a 12 year old son.

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