Unsolved Murders

Steven Brown

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 21 Feb 1999

Place: Kerr Road, Tranent, East Lothian

Source: www.lbp.police.uk

Steven Brown was beaten and stabbed to death by a large group of people.

Three men were initially charged with his murder three days after he was found dead, but they were released due to lack of evidence.

He was found dead in a field near the Kerr Road in Tranent near to Elphinstone on 21 February 1999. It was thought that he had been chased into the field and then murdered.

Witnesses said that they had heard a disturbance in Kerr Road around midnight and his body was found the following day. It was said that a large group of men and women had been involved in the incident.

It was later found in 2003 that a large group of people had been seen to enter Kings Road, which was nearby, in two vehicles shortly beforehand and the police said that they then believed that there had been even more people involved than they had originally thought.

The police said that they believed that the key to solving his murder lay in the local community.

It was said that Steven Brown had been caught up in a feud and had had a bust up with someone in Tranent the night before.

During their re-investigation into his murder in 2013 the police arrested a man for alleged witness intimidation. Witnesses to the murder had complained to the police that they had been receiving sinister intimidation during the re-investigation.

Steven Brown had three children.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.