Unsolved Murders

William Sibbald

Age: 48

Sex: male

Date: 8 Oct 2002

Place: A1, Whitehill Road, Musselburgh

Source: www.lbp.police.uk

William Sibbald was last seen leaving his home in Coillesdene House, Portobello in a car at 8pm on Tuesday 8 October 2002.

He was found dead on Friday 10 January 2003 on the west side of the embankment of the A1 at Whitehill Road (near to the exit for Kinnaird Park) by a man walking his dog. He was identified by his DNA.

It was thought that he had been murdered elsewhere. The car that was thought to have been used to drive William Sibbald was found burnt out a few miles away from where his body was found.

He had lived in Joppa.

He was thought to have been enticed into a car and driven away. When his body was found he had multiple stab wounds and had been stripped of his clothes and jewellery. He had been at home in the early evening with his wife preparing to go out when he got a telephone call. He then cancelled dinner and then said that he had to go out on some unexpected business. It was said that a car then pulled up outside his house and he took his coat and went out and was never seen alive again. It was thought that he had been murdered soon after having gone out.

His personal jewellery and other items were missing when he was found and have never been recovered. They included a gold bracelet and a DuPont Gatsby lighter.

William Sibbald was about 5'6" tall, with a stocky build and short, light brown hair.  He had been wearing a fawn coloured 3/4 length Gant make jacket, cream shirt and brown Timberland shoes.

He was the landlord of the Pop Inn in Portobello. However, the police said they thought that he might have been involved with the criminal underworld.

As well as being the landlord of the Pop Inn he had also owned the Orchard House sauna in the New Town but had just sold it.

The police investigation was said to have come up against a wall of silence.

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