Unsolved Murders

William Lancelot Greville Barnes

Age: 50

Sex: male

Date: 8 Nov 1960

Place: Myton Road, Warwick, Warwickshire

William Lancelot Greville Barnes was knocked over in the road.

He had been a van driver and had been out delivering groceries.

He was found by a motorist lying seriously injured in the road and was taken to Warwick Hospital where he died on 8 November 1960.

The motorist, who had lived in Kelvin Road, Lillington near Leamington, said that he had been driving along Myton Road at about 5.15pm on 2 November 1960 when he overtook a stationery van and in his dipped headlights then saw the body of a man lying in the road about 15 to 17 feet in front of the van.

A police sergeant that was called out said that he found the van with its front and rear lights on and with all its doors closed, but found that the mirror that had been attached to the top hinge of the offside door was lying in the road.

He went on to say that he found a three inch dent in the van's front offside mudguard.

He said that William Barnes was conscious but unable to account for his injuries.

The inquest heard that the police had made extensive enquiries into William Barnes's death but had failed to reveal how it came about.

At the inquest the Coroner said, 'A large vehicle could have caused this without the driver being aware'.

An open verdict was returned.

William Barnes had lived in Sale Street, Leamington.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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