Unsolved Murders

William Gladstone Jnr

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 16 Dec 2018

Place: Sunnybrae Cottage, Ayr Road, Lanark

William Gladstone Jnr died following an altercation at Sunnybrae Cottage in Ayr Road, Lanark on Sunday 16 December 2018.

He had gone there with his father where they were both attacked by a group of people at about 7pm who then fled.

They were both taken to Wishaw General Hospital but William Gladstone Jnr died soon after. Following the attack his father was described as being in a serious but stable condition.

A 36-year-old man was charged with attempted murder at the time but nothing more is known.

William Gladstone Jnr had been due to attend court on 19 December 2018 on class B drugs charges.

A detective said, 'It would appear that Mr Gladstone and the 60-year-old man drove to an address in Ayr Road, near to Mansefield Place, where they were attacked', and later said, 'I believe that this attack was not random and that those involved are known to each other'.

It was said that although the area was quite rural, the Ayr Road was a main road between Uddington and Rigside and as such it was thought likely that other cars were on the road.

William Gladstone Jnr had had two children and had lived in Newtonhead Road, Lanark.

He was also known as Billy.

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