Unsolved Murders

Cayden Adams

Age: 2

Sex: male

Date: 23 Apr 2010

Place: Edale Way, Buxton, Derbyshire

Cayden Adams and Niamh Adams died in a fire at their home in Buxton.

Their mother was tried for their murders but acquitted.

The fire started just before midnight at their house on Edale Way in Buxton just before midnight. The mother managed to jump out of a window with her third child and survive.

The court heard that the mother had been in an unhappy relationship with the father of the children who was unfaithful to her and had caused the fire deliberately to create attention to herself. The father, who was a waiter should have been home at about 10pm and shortly after he failed to come home the mother reported the noises in the backyard.

The court heard that the mother had tried to commit suicide a number of times before.

The court also heard that she had been under a five year hate campaign from local children that would torment her.

The fire was said to have started in a laundry basket in the hall.

Shortly before the fire the mother said that vandals had been in her garden throwing plants about and knocking over a barbeque. She posted a message about it on the internet site Facebook and made some calls including one to the police who came out but found no evidence of a disturbance. It was said that at the time that the fire was smouldering in the hall the mother made three telephone calls but none were connected and minutes earlier had made another call to the police but was told that she was 'creating a drama' to get attention.

Soon after the fire took hold and got out of control and she and her third child jumped out of the window and called the police and fire brigade.

CCTV evidence recorded the noise in the backyard and the mother saying 'Hello, hello'.

When the father was asked who he thought was responsible he said 'We have got an idea. Can't give names.'.

Cayden Adams and Niamh Adams's aunt said 'There's still somebody out there who's murdered my niece and nephew and we're not going to stop until we've found them and they're convicted.'.

The Derbyshire police said that during their inquiry they found no evidence to suggest that anyone else was responsible for the fire.

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