Unsolved Murders

Ronald Constantine Cheese

Age: 53

Sex: male

Date: 27 Feb 2011

Place: Austin Road, Handsworth, West Midlands

Ronald Constantine Cheese was stabbed to death at his flat in Austin Road, Handsworth on 27 February 2011.

The police were called to his flat after neighbours became worried that they had not seen him for a while. He was found at about 1pm on 27 February 2011.

He had been stabbed 25 times, some of the injuries being defensive. His post mortem found that he had lain dead in his flat for up to four days before he was found.

The police said that it was not possible to say whether there had been one or two people involved or whether more than one knife had been used.

Following his murder it was noted that his plasma TV and Samsung E1120 mobile phone were missing. The police said:

Locating these items is extremely important and could bring vital information to the enquiry room.

The police said that Ronald Cheese lived a complicated life, and that the motive for his murder remained a mystery. The police added that they wanted to know more about Ronald Cheese and appealed for anyone who knew him or spent time with him in the days before his death to come forward.

Two men, aged 42 and 58, and a 20-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of murder but released and no further developments are known.

Ronald Cheese had been known as Negus or Gus. He had been born in Kingston, Jamaica and had been living alone.

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