Unsolved Murders

Winnie Deighton

Age: 59

Sex: female

Date: 21 Jun 1997

Place: Thornton Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Winnie Deighton was found unconscious at 6am on a grass verge near her home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, on Thursday 10 June 1997.

A man was tried for her murder but acquitted.

She was taken to Scarborough Hospital where she died 11-days later without regaining consciousness. She had been kicked in the head and had brain damage.

She had also been raped and beaten.

She had been seen just before midnight near the junction of Bessingby Road and Thornton Road. She was then seen again for the last time at about 12.20am on Thornton Road.

It was heard that it was not unusual for Winnie Deighton to visit people late at night to make them cups of tea and she was found to have had a number of tea bags in her pocket when she was found.

She had lived nearby in Remembrance Court.

A man was later arrested following a man hunt and tried for her murder, but the case collapsed after evidence against him was found to have been unreliable. It was heard that he had confessed to murdering her to four people whilst on remand for another crime in the hospital wing at Hull prison. However, the judge described the four men as 'a disreputable quartet who contradicted themselves and each other'.

The police said that they thought that her attacker was local and when they reopened their investigation they focussed on the West Hill estate in Bridlington.

They also said during their 2013 investigation that they had recovered new DNA evidence resulting from advances in technology that they thought would help solve the case.

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