Unsolved Murders

Ian Newtion

Age: 45

Sex: male

Date: 22 Mar 2009

Place: Greenford Roundabout, Greenford, West London

Ian Newtion was murdered in the underpass at Greenford Roundabout, West London on 22 March 2009.

His throat was cut and he had been left to die. It was thought that the murder weapon had been a brown beer bottle. He was found in the underpass at 8.50am lying in a pool of blood and pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been wearing dark trousers, trainers, a dark jacket and a black rag-du headscarf.

Nothing had been taken from him.

It was noted that a small number of robberies in the area had been reported in the week before that had involved the use of a bottle as a weapon.

It was thought that his killer might have received a hand injury after he had hit Ian Newtion with the bottle and it had smashed.

In 2016 a man was arrested for his murder but no further details are known.

Ian Newtion had been a reggae singer and had used the stage name Scoobie Santino and had had a hit in the 1990's called Money Honey/Cash Money with Sweetie Irie. He had also accompanied Aswad, the music band and had been involved with One Love, the reggae sound system. He was also known as the 'Icon of Peace'.

The night before he had been performing at the Scout Hut in Rockware Avenue for a 60th birthday party and had left early the following morning at 7.45am to catch a bus to his home on the Clem Attlee Estate in Lillie Road, Fulham.

He was seen about 10 minutes after leaving at 7.55am by a jogger who said that he had seemed agitated.

Police said that they were investigating his murder as a stranger attack and that they had ruled out gangland connections. They said that they were not sure if he had been attacked by one or more people.

Ian Newtion also worked as a delivery driver and had had a son.

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