Unsolved Murders

Bethany-Maria Beales

Age: 22

Sex: female

Date: 27 May 2018

Place: The Heron, London

Bethany-Maria Beales fell out of the window of a 19th floor block of flats in London.

A man and a woman were initially arrested on suspicion of murder but her inquest heard that the police could find no evidence to suggest that they were involved in her death. It was further heard that Bethany Beales might have fallen out of the window whilst taking selfie-photos.

An open verdict was returned.

She had been out in London on a night out and had gone back to a friend’s flat but after a disagreement with her boyfriend she left without telling anyone and went to the apartment of a man that lived on the 19th floor of the The Heron building sometime after which she fell out over the balcony. She had landed on a glass roof on the 6th floor meaning that she had fallen 13 floors.

She was still breathing when emergency services reached her but she died soon after in hospital.

She was found to have had significant injuries when she was found.

She had been a junior sales executive and had lived in Wimbledon, having graduated in English literature and performance from Roehampton University.

It was said that she had been a recreational user of cocaine and to have taken cocaine a few hours before her death. It was said that she had been using cocaine more recently at the weekends when she was drinking but that whilst she had an issue with it, she wasn't addicted.

The friend that she had been out with said, 'I met Beth at a private members’ club in Soho. It was a mansion-type house and we were sitting on a sofa, talking and drinking. It was daylight when we left'. She said that Bethany Beales took some cocaine and that they later went back to the flat of the man that Bethany Beales had been seeing at the time.

Her friend said, 'Beth was talking to me about him, she didn’t know what he was looking for relationship-wise. At 7.30am, Beth and Jessie went to the bedroom and at around 10am or 11am I could hear them talking. Beth was talking sternly. She came out and said the man had made her angry and asked could I go to the bathroom with her. She seemed upset'.

Bethany Beales's friend said that when she woke up in the bathroom at noon that Bethany Beales had gone.

It was heard that Bethany Beales had been sending text messages to a friend that lived in The Heron and had asked if she could visit his apartment to talk.

The man said, 'Beth messaged me between 11am and 11.30am. She told me she was upset, she had tears in her eyes and can she come around'. He said that when she arrived that he initially asked her if she was okay to go home because he was shattered, but said that after he heard that she was upset he said that he would wait with his friend who was also at his apartment.

Bethany Beales was then seen going into The Heron building at 12.43pm.

The man said '‘She’s usually bubbly and lively, but she was blank. She dropped her bag down and we talked for about 12 to 15 minutes. She told us she decided to tell her partner something she hadn’t told anyone. It was traumatising for her. His reaction was not what she expected. She thought it was going really well with him, she was just feeling defeated. After about 15 minutes she said her mum had rang and she was going to make or take a call. She went out to the balcony and closed the door. The curtains were closed so we couldn’t see out. We thought she might have been calling her friend so we just left her to it. After a while we went to check on her and she had disappeared. But there are two entrances to the balcony and my bedroom door was open. I thought she had gone in there, so we had a cigarette'.

The man said that when he and the woman with him went to check on Bethany Beales that they couldn’t find her and assumed that she had left without telling them. He said that after searching for her and ringing her phone that they decided to leave her shoes and bag downstairs.

The woman that had been in the apartment said that she thought that it was strange that Bethany Beales had left her shoes and that she left them with the concierge before she left the building.

She said that when she later returned that she saw the fire brigade and the police outside and thought that there might have been a fire there and sent a text message to the man saying so.

Bethany Beales's mother said that she last saw Bethany Beales about a month before she died at which time she seemed very happy. She said, 'She was absolutely fine. She loved coming home and being looked after. We had just redecorated her room and she had picked the wallpaper. It was a very nice weekend and she seemed very happy. Everything was going well for her and she was looking forward to her holiday in Ibiza. She had everything to look forward to'.

She went on to say, 'My final tribute to her is to say that some of those she chose to hang about with led to her not making the right decisions. I can only judge that by their actions in not talking to us or the police. I don’t believe they can give you a true opinion of my daughter. In my opinion, I don’t feel my daughter committed suicide. I believe if she was going to commit suicide she would have said goodbye to me and she didn’t'.

Bethany Beales had wanted to be an actress.

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