Unsolved Murders

Ali Al Har

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 4 Dec 2018

Place: Corinne Road, Tufnell Park, London

Ali Al Har was stabbed to death in a drugs robbery.

A man was tried for his murder but found not  guilty after he said that he acted in self-defence.

They had arranged for the man to buy some drugs off of Ali Har but the man took along a 30cm-long combat knife with the intention of robbing Ali Har of what he thought would be about 1kg of cannabis.

The man said that after he robbed Ali Har of the cannabis that he ran off but that Ali Har chased him and grabbed his arm in Corinne Road which caused him to swing around to face him. He said that he was scared for his life as Ali Har tried to take the knife from him and that he stabbed him in the leg and ran off, dropping the drugs.

The prosecution disputed the idea that he had dropped the drugs.

At the trial the man said, 'He was trying to get the knife and I would not let the knife out of my hands'.

Ali Har had been stabbed twice in the leg and died at the scene. When the man was asked why he didn't call for an ambulance for Ali Har, the man said that he didn't think that Ali Har was dying.

After stabbing Ali Har, the man went first to his supported accommodation hostel, St Mungo’s in Brecknock Road after which he met a friend in Brentford and then went off with him to Oxford where they were arrested.

When the man was asked what he thought Ali Har would do when he pulled out his knife, the man said, 'That he would get scared then back off'.

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