Unsolved Murders

Victor Pateman

Age: 16

Sex: male

Date: 19 Oct 1961

Place: Fanhams Road, Ware, Hertfordshire

Victor Pateman was shot dead in his front garden on the night of Thursday 19 October 1961.

He was a farm labourer and had lived with his parents and three teenage sisters in Fanhams Road, Ware.

He had been talking to two other boys in the garden at the time when the shot rang out.

He was taken by Ambulance to Hertford County Hospital where he died soon after arrival.

Following the shooting a 14-year-old girl was taken to Ware police station.

However, nothing more is known about any charges.

Victor Pateman's parents had lived in a council house in Fanhams Road for 27 years. His father had worked at a flour mill.

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