Unsolved Murders

Birdylin Weir

Age: 24

Sex: female

Date: 7 Apr 1961

Place: 146 Mere Road, Leicester

Birdylin Weir died from a septic abortion.

An open verdict was returned.

She was found dead at a house at 146 Mere Road, Leicester in early April 1961.

She was a coloured nurse from Stratford-on-Avon General Hospital.

The man that lived at 146 Mere Road said that he had known Birdylin Weir casually for about 22 months and that she had called at his home and asked to stay for a day or two.  He said that he let her have the attic room and that he then left for London and said that when he returned that he came to the conclusion that she was ill. He said that after unsuccessfully trying to contact a doctor he told the police.

A policeman that went to 146 Mere Road said that he found Birdylin Weir apparently dead in her bed upstairs and that after he sent for an ambulance he found an envelope containing pills on a dresser and more pills in a hold-all.

The pathologist said that he was unable to say whether the abortion was self-inflicted or otherwise.

The Coroner recorded an open verdict, stating that there was insufficient evidence to show whether Birdylin Weir inflicted the abortion or not. He added, 'I have been told by the detective that certain aspects of this case have been investigated by the CID and it is clear that no further action will be taken in that direction'.

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