Unsolved Murders

Terry Burns

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 4 Oct 1986

Place: Embankment Tube Station, London

Terry Burns was stabbed after a football match at Embankment Tube Station on 4 October 1986.

Two groups of rival football fans had clashed at the Embankment Tube Station during which Terry Burns was stabbed six times on the stairs.

Terry Burns had been a West Ham supporter and was said to have bene stabbed by Millwall supporters that had been:

looking for trouble wherever they could find it.

He was either stabbed at the top of Villiers Street or in Embankment Tube Station but none of the witnesses actually saw him get stabbed.

He had been stabbed through the heart. He was said to have been chased before being stabbed.

Terry Burns had been from Heath Grove in Barming.

He and two other friends had been involved in a fracas in Covent Garden and had been running away at the time when 'by chance', they met some Millwall football supporters that had already been involved in several violent incidents and been looking for someone to provoke into a fight.

The court heard that Terry Burns and his friend had been ideal victims and they were chased down Villiers Street to shouts of:

Get them. Kill the bastards.

Terry Burns's friend was stabbed twice but was able to run off under Hungerford Bridge. However, Terry Burns ran into Embankment Station where he was attacked. He was seen by various witnesses to be bleeding from the body, with his green shirt ripped. It was said that:

From the way he was being punched and then began to bleed, it would appear he was being stabbed.

It was said that it was then obvious to bystanders that Terry Burns was then bleeding profously from the chest and that they did their best to tend to him, with one person there, a surgeon, attempting mouth-to-mouth resusitation.

Blood samples from Terry Burns showed that he had been over the drink drive limit for alcohol and that he had also taken cannabis, however, it was noted that there was no suggestion that that had had any bearing on the case.

THe murder charges against the two men accused of having stabbed him were dropped at the trial on 4 December 1987.

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