Unsolved Murders

Kayjon Lubin

Age: 15

Sex: male

Date: 11 Dec 2020

Place: Woodman Street, North Woolwich

Kayjon Lubin was stabbed outside a shop in Woodman Street, North Woolwich on 11 December 2020.

The police were called out at approximately 6.50pm but he died at the scene.

Two men were tried for his murder, but acquitted, although they were convicted of possession of a knife in a public place. They were both 18-years-old.

A third man was also convicted of possession of a knife in a public place.

It was determined that Kayjon Lubin and the third man had had a fight with the other two men who were tried for murder, and that they had all had knives, however, it was submitted that Kayjon Lubin had been walking away at the time he was stabbed.

It was reported that Kayjon Lubin had been chased by a gang acting like a pack of dogs following a row over an e-scooter. The two men were said to have accused Kayjon Lubin and his friend in Pier Parade Square of stealing their e-scooter but that Kayjon Lubin had tried to walk away but was stabbed twice. After being stabbed Kayjon Lubin ran into a shop, Cromwell Stores, but collapsed.

It was said that when the two men met Kayjon Lubin and his friend in Pier Parade Square and confronted them, that all four of them had then pulled out large knives. They had then squared up to each other without physical contact, but that after some moments Kayjon Lubin had put his knife away and started to walk away with his friend.

However, it was said then that the two men then seized the opportunity to take Kayjon Lubin and his friend by surprise and they chased them with their knives in their hands.

It was heard however that Kayjon Lubin managed to pull out his knife again and strike at one of the men, grazing his cheek, however, the man then stabbed Kayjon Lubin in the chest.

There were said to have been a lot of people in the area at the time.

Kayjon Lubin had been about 50m away from his home when he was stabbed.

At the trial the prosecution, 'They were looking to reclaim the scooter that had been taken from them and were clearly prepared to use force to achieve that goal'.

The post mortem showed that he had a three inch stab wound to his chest that pierced his right lung and caused massive blood loss.

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