Unsolved Murders

Joseph Bryant

Age: 11

Sex: male

Date: 2 Nov 1961

Place: St Peters Secondary School, Woolwich, London

Joseph Bryant died after he was chased out of the gate at his school by bullies and ran into the path of a motorcycle.

His inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.

It was heard that Joseph Bryant had lived in fear of bullying.

He had lived in Masons Hill Road in Woolwich and had attended St Peter's Secondary school in Woolwich.

His father said that he heard Joseph Bryant say to him as he was dying, 'They were chasing me, dad'.

At the inquest, the Coroner said to Joseph Bryant's father, 'The more a boy is protected the more he is bullied. You can't wrap him up in cotton wool'.

When the jury returned the verdict of accidental death they added that the school exit should be made much safer.

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