Unsolved Murders

Elizabeth McCabe

Age: 20

Sex: female

Date: 26 Feb 1980

Place: Templeton Woods, Dundee

Elizabeth McCabe was strangled in Templeton Woods.

Her murder was a year after the murder of Carol Lannen at the same place and together they were known as The Templeton Woods Murders.

Elizabeth McCabe had been on a night out with friends in Union Street in Dundee. She was found dead 16 days later naked in the wood on 26 February 1980.

Her remains were found by two rabbit hunters who had gone into the woods with their dogs.

Elizabeth McCabe's handbag was found on 12 April 1980 by a woman on a patch of waste ground off of Cobden Street which she visited regularly to look for scrap metal. She said that it looked like knew and took it to the police who found it contained Elizabeth McCabe's college ID card although there was no cash.

In 2007 a former taxi driver was tried for her murder but acquitted.

Elizabeth McCabe was a nursery nurse.

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