Unsolved Murders

Carl Picken

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 13 Aug 2020

Place: Brassmill Lane, Bath

Carl Picken died during a citizen’s arrest near the River Avon in Brassmill Lane, Bath, on 13 August 2020.

Two men, aged 47 and 53, were arrested, however the Crown Prosecution Service later said they would not be charging anyone.

The Crown Prosecution Service said that they had been unable to prove that the citizen's arrest was unlawful, or that the level of force used was unreasonable.

His cause of death was found to be inconclusive and so his family agreed to send a part of his brain and his heart off for further analysis after being told that they would have to be tested if there was to be any chance of taking the case to court.

It was said that the incident in which the citizen’s arrest was made had been fast moving, with it being said that the people involved with making the citizen’s arrest were only intending to keep hold of Carl Picken until the police arrived. However, Carl Picken started to have difficulty breathing.

The Crown Prosecution Service said 'Once they were aware of the fact Carl was struggling to breathe, witnesses say 999 were called and the suspects started to perform CPR'.

The incident took place on the canal path near Brassmill Lane and the Maltings Industrial Estate.

It was heard that the men had made the citizen’s arrest because Carl Picken had been in breach of a restraining order.

A Senior Crown Prosecutor said:

The suspects claimed that in response to being challenged about the alleged breach, Carl made a threat to kill one of them. There was evidence from independent witnesses to support this. The suspects then decided to perform a citizen's arrest. This was resisted by Carl. There was a short chase and a struggle. There was evidence from a witness of Carl striking out at the suspects during this struggle. Carl was restrained on the ground by the suspects and it was whilst he was on the ground that he died.

Carl Picken's mother said that she was planning to appeal the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service.

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