Unsolved Murders

Richard Obi

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 17 Nov 2020

Place: Bramwell House, Rockingham Estate, Elephant and Castle

Richard Obi was stabbed to death at Bramwell House, Elephant and Castle on 17 November 2020.

A man and a woman were charged with his murder. They appeared at the Old Bailey but nothing more is known. Three women were initially arrested on suspicion of his murder.

The police were called to Bramwell House on the Rockingham Estate shortly after 11am on 17 November 2020, but Richard Obi was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been stabbed nine times.

Richard Obi's sister found him at the flat, with her mother tied up with duct tape in an adjoining room, after a mystery caller directed her to the flat.

It was claimed that the charged woman had been involved in the murder as she had driven two men away from the scene. She admitted having picked the two men up from the flat, but didn't know that they had stabbed Richard Obi.

She said that when she drove them away she noticed that one of the men was bleeding but that it was not until they arrived at her flat that she realised that the other man was also injured. She said that when she asked them what had happened they wouldn't say, but said that one of them said something about a fight.

The woman said that she then got a call from a woman in the Neterlands who told her that she thought that something might have happened at the flat and that the men might have robbed Richard Obi's mother and that she 'proper panicked' and after thinking about the men's injuries, she thought that there might have been a stabbing and at 4.38pm she googled 'Stabbing Elephant & Castle'.

However, nothing more about the court place, which took place in April 2023, is known.

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