Unsolved Murders

Donna Healey

Age: 17

Sex: female

Date: 15 Jan 1991

Place: Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Donna Healey disappeared in March 1988 and was found dead three years later in Chapel Allerton on 15 January 1991. However, her remains were not identified until 2003 when advances in DNA analysis made it possible.

Evidence showed that in the interim her body, which was mummified, had been stored in an air-tight container before being dumped where it was found.

At the time she had been working as a prostitute in Harehills and it was thought that the most likely theory was that she had gone off with a client.

A man that was convicted of the murder of a 16-year old girl in 2002 was later re-investigated in January 2019 after he was convicted of other sex attacks in October 2018 that led to him being given a whole life tariff. He had kept the 16-year-old girl's body in a freezer for 19 months before he disposed of it.

Donna Healey's body was found on 15 January 1991 by a builder in Allerton Park. He said that he had deposited some material at that spot the day before at which time it was clear, indicating that her body had been dumped there in the intervening time. It was found at the edge of the overgrown grounds of the then Falloden Nursing Home in the park.

A report that was later carried out suggested that the place where Donna Healey's body was dumped was probably not chosen at random and that it might have held some sort of significance. The police added that they thought that the person that had dumped her body there might have been forced to have done so by a change in their personal circumstances. They said, 'It is very unlikely that place was chosen at random. We believe whoever left Donna’s body there had some sort of connection to that place, that they had either lived or worked in the area or had some other connection to it. That could be that they were moving house, or a partner was moving in with them, or that there were due to be renovations that would disturb the place where they had stored the body'.

The waste ground that her body was dumped on has since been developed with housing. It was found near to where the hedges are today by the main entrance.

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