Unsolved Murders

Alicia Lamothe

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 8 May 1988

Place: Cork Street, London, W1

Alicia Lamothe was killed in a robbery at an office in Cork Street, W1 on 8 May 1988.

Alicia Lamothe was a cleaner and she was murdered after she had turned up to work at the office to do some cleaning and had surprised a gang of burglars.

They strangled and battered her over the head with a fire extinguisher and then set the offices on fire to destroy any forensic evidence.

The gang stole £500 before leaving.

A 17-year-old youth was arrested and during his interview he gave the police the name of the person that he said had beaten and strangled Alicia Lamothe, but he later refused to testify against any of the other people in court and kept a vow of silence which meant that the Crown had to drop their case.

It was said that without the evidence of the 17-year-old that the police did not have enough evidence to convict the prime suspect whose name they had.

Alicia Lamothe was a Filipino and had lived in Leconfield Road in Highbury. She had been married for one week.

At the trial the Crown said that there were no eye witnesses to the murder, no forensic evidence regarding who had been involved and especially no evidence regarding who had been responsible for the murder other than the 17-year-old youth's statement.

The 17-year-old had admitted being at the burglary but said that he had had nothing to do with Alicia Lamothe's murder.

After the situation was detailed before the judge, he said, 'I have come to the conclusion if the prosecution case against the youth was tried I would accede to a submission that there was an insufficient case to answer and direct a not guilty verdict'.

The youth admitted a charge of burglary.

Another 15-year-old youth had been a look out, but his case was adjourned.

It was noted that both the 17-year-old and 15-year-old youths had long records for robbery and dishonesty.

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