Unsolved Murders

Rebecca Sawuck

Age: 22

Sex: female

Date: 5 Jan 1998

Place: University of London

Rebecca Sawuck fell out of a window.

An open verdict was returned.

Her boyfriend was questioned on suspicion of her murder but no charges were made.

They had been taking cocaine and had spent the evening arguing. At the moment she came out of the window they had bene playing the song 'Just a jealous guy' by Brian Ferry.

They had had a row after Rebecca Sawuck spoke to another man at a party.

Her boyfriend said:

She was playing games. She wasn't necessarily drunk. It was just emotional behaviour on her part. She was talking how I humiliated her in front of her friends, how she wanted to break it off.

He said that he then tried the 'suicide card on her', and threatened to kill himself by grabbing a knife and trying to jump out of the open window, but that Rebecca Sawuck tried to push him away, saying, 'You're not leaving me like that!' and that then she was gone. He added that he couldn't remember the details of what had happened.

Rebecca Sawuck was found to have had cocaine in her system and to have died from multiple injuries.

The Coroner said:

From the available evidence before me, it remains unclear how Rebecca descended from the window of the flat. The boyfriend's account doesn't throw any further light onto how she descended. Clearly to me, from the available evidence, only two people know the truth, Rebecca and the boyfriend. From the account he had given under oath here, I must admit I am none the wiser.

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