Unsolved Murders

Graeme Stack

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 1 Feb 1988

Place: Deptford High Street, London

Graeme Stack was stabbed in the street late at night.

A sociology student was tried for his manslaughter but acquitted.

Graeme Stack was last seen chasing a man whilst drunk and trying to get his trilby hat.

He was next seen staggering about with a wound and then fell hitting his head causing brain damage from which he later died.

Graeme Stack was unemployed and had lived in Eltham.

It was said that in the early hours of Saturday 27 January 1988 that he had chased the sociology student down Deptford High Street shouting, 'Oi wanker, give me your hat'.

It was said that Graeme Stack was a heavy drinker and had been four times over the drink drive limit.

Some young men that had been waiting for a mini-cab saw Graeme Stack chasing the sociology student and then go out of sight. However, they said that when Graeme Stack reappeared, he appeared to be staggering and to be covered in blood. They said that he got as far as a building site and then fell backwards and cracked his head.

He was taken to hospital by a passing ambulance where it was found that he had been stabbed in the abdomen resulting in his liver being lacerated. He was operated on immediately and whilst still in intensive care he was later taken back to the operating theatre where surgeons carried out an operation on his brain which had been injured by the fall. However, he died a few days later.

His cause of death was given as being due to his head injury, but it was noted that that was consequent on having been stabbed in the abdomen shortly before.

The sociology student, who admitted to having been carrying a Swiss Army knife on him at the time for defence denied stabbing Graeme Stack. He said that Graeme Stack had chased him two thirds of his way home to his student halls of residence in Creek Street, Deptford and said that when he got back, he told his friends what had happened. He said that later that day he went home to his parent's house in Reading.

The sociology student, who was studying at Goldsmith's College, was later questioned by the police and after his second interview he was charged with Graeme Stack's manslaughter.

He was tried at the Old Bailey but acquitted on Monday 15 February 1988.

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see www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

see Reading Evening Post - Monday 15 February 1988